Is Milan your destination this holiday? Excellent choice! It’s the shopper’s paradise, art lovers heaven, footballer lovers’ crush, and an architect’s dream! So while you’re there, check out Maranello – the home of Ferrari, Lake Como, and Pisa the tilting tower. And there’s probably no better way to experience these destinations than through a Jeep Cherokee.

This particular Jeep comes with a 180-hp V-6 engine and that special raggedness that only a Jeep can bring to the table. An 8.7-inch ground clearance and a beautiful interior that makes it the ultimate dream car! And thanks to Jeep-I, it’s now possible to take one of these babies with you to your adventures in and around Milan.

Here’s more information: Jeep-I is super easy to drive, all you need is a valid license from your country, travel documents, and, of course, some cash. And the vehicle will be all yours for the specified time. However, there is a mileage limit to look out for. Other than that, everything else is in your favor.

Get there, fast

A Jeep is a pretty fast car, considering that it comes with a 285 – horsepower engine that can take anything you throw at it. From road trips to off-road challenges, the Cherokee can get you to the destination and back. With all its cutting-edge safety features, you can finally have all the fun without a care in the world.

Own a Jeep for a few days – care free!

That sounds weird, right? But the truth is, owning a Jeep is not such a simple affair. The insurance, service, and fueling costs are rather hard to afford. But when you rent the car, that upfront fee covers everything. From towing charges to repairing the spare tire – Jeep-I got you covered. So, you can go out and make those memories!