Mulholland drive is arguably the best outdoor activity for thrill seekers in LA. The stretch hosts Hollywood’s chase scenes, classic make-out points, and breathtaking scenic beauty. But it gets better, renting a Wrangler for a self-drive on this trip will take your experience to a whole new level! If you want to veer off the road a bit, the Wrangler is always up for the task – thanks to its impressive ground clearance and the 3.6L V-6 285-horsepower engine.

Jeep-I dedicates its time and resources to make your holidays special. This effort comes alive through competitive pricing and an impressive line up of Jeep vehicles. In fact, all you need is a driving license from your country, valid documents, and you’ll be good to go!

Here are the advantages of hiring one of the Wranglers from Jeep-I in LA:

You are in control

Unlike public transport, renting a ride gives you the option to call the shots. From the routes to stopovers, you are in control all the way. And the wranglers come with a GPS system to help you get around quickly.

A premium experience

When it comes to luxury cars, a premium experience is always guaranteed. From the air-conditioning to the ergonomic seats, the Wrangler assures passengers long comfortable trips. Therefore, the next time you want to engage with nature, go for a Wrangler.


Just like most luxury cars, the Wrangler comes with inbuilt safety features. It comes with a solid bodywork so you can trust it with your life and that of your loved ones. Also, it comes with a cutting-edge brake system that jumps into action whenever you need it; the sleep detectors will keep you safe when you’ve had a long day and. And the drift warning comes into play whenever you have any distractions that grab your attention.